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Self-Loading Mini Tracked Motorised Dumper - Diesel

  • $6,99500

We try to keep stock BUT... We sometimes sell out before the next container arrives. Please phone or email to check availability before ordering.


The ULTIMATE powered dumper & mini-wheelbarrow.

For contractors/landscapers/builders/developers


Optional Bulldozer Blade Attachment ($299

Product description:

The Energytech SF650 tracked power barrow, mini dumper, truck dumper with a quality 6.5Hp Diesel engine. More versatile than a Muck Truck, Honda Dumper or other similar wheeled power barrows. The Energytech dumper has Caterpillar style tracks for incredible go-anywhere capability. 

Also has LARGE capacity with hydraulic powered tipping, heavy load capability and incredibly low price for a commercially rated machine! Easily beats the competition for versatility and features. Actually there is no competition for this machine...

A super workhorse tracked mini-dumper, motorised wheelbarrow, tip truck, site dumper, power barrow. Call it what you will. Its a great partner and workmate for landscapers, horticulturists, farmers, pool builders, miners, fencing contractors, bricklayers, excavators and all manner of contractors with stuff to move.

Maybe you are just a serious gardener. Take the grunt out of strenuous lifting and moving. Save your back! The first thing to dump is your old wheelbarrow or one of those 4 wheel dumpers that often just cant handle it!

NO Need to Shovel stuff any more.  Self Loading bucket makes work easy !!

Carry all manner of materials uphill or down with absolute ease! Great for sites with narrow or difficult access. At only 700mm wide this machine will fit through many doorways.

"TIP AS YOU GO" The dumper tray can be raised, lowered or fixed in any position while stopped OR being driven forward or backward. This allows the operator to stop and dump or spread gravel, bark or any other material while moving. Full raise and lower control, dump a little or a lot. Drop a part of a load and move on to the next place. Thats a must have feature that the Muck Truck or Honda do not offer. They only offer an all or nothing MANUAL dump.

If you have go to move it, spread it or dump it this is the machine to do it. You can even carry and tip wet concrete with easy full pinpoint control.

'Skid Steer' style, ZERO turning in its own length.

This beautifully made mini site dumper with power tipping will cart up to a huge 500Kg of rubble, concrete, rocks, building materials, etc over all sorts of terrain. With suitable ramps you can use the tipper to dump straight into a skip. What a workhorse! A must have for anyone with stuff to move!

BEAUTIFULLY ENGINEERED. This dumper is manufactured for Energytech to VERY HIGH STANDARDS BY A TOP ENGINEERING FACTORY in mainland China and fitted with a QUALITY ENGINE. After a careful examination YOU COULD BE FORGIVEN IF YOU THOUGHT IT WAS MADE IN GERMANY!


At a glance:

Engine: Electric start diesel
Gears: Dual Hydraulic Motor Transmission,Forward/Reverse
Forward speed: 4.5 km/h
Reverse speed: 2.25 km/h
Box size: 990 x 670 x 450 mm (1/3 Cu/m)
Loading capacity: 500 kgs
Overall size: 1585 x 700 x 1010 mm
Tipping & Loading Hydraulic Rams
Warranty: 12 Months parts only (see below for details)

Product Features: 

  • RIDE ON !  
  • Electric start diesel engine
  • Tracked drive train
  • Zero turn skid steer
  • Hydraulic tipping
  • Hydraulic Front End Loader
  • Large load capacity
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Other attachments in development


Simple controls, anyone can use this machine.  

Electric start. 

Left and Right FORWARD /  REVERSE selection levers. 

HOPPER UP / DOWN selection lever for POWER TIPPING. Can stop the hopper in any position.


In an endeavor to keep prices to a minimum Energytech imports and sells direct without the expenses involved in supporting a national network of agents so we provide special and exclusive support directly to our purchasers.

Energytech dumpers require minimal maintenance and should provide many years of faithful service.  Warranty on the machine is a 12 month parts warranty. Should any part fail during warranty Energytech undertakes to supply a replacement item free of charge (on an exchange basis).

Due to the high quality we envisage few parts are required during the life of an Energytech dumper. However, parts will be readily available as Energytech stocks and distributes parts from our premises in QLD.

An Owners Manual and full Parts List is available and this information is provided free (on request) as digital PDF files by email to any person interested in purchasing an Energytech dumper.

Call for current stock status 



Enquire for pricing to ship to your business (requires forklift) or to a local freight depot for you to collect on a standard domestic trailer. Please advise Suburb, Town, State and POSTCODE (QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, SA are typically between $250 and $500. We can deliver to your home BUT this typically adds another $200+ to the cost).

For interstate shipping, the dumper is shipped complete in a steel frame and only a spanner is required to remove a few bolts before lifting off the upper crate frame. You simply add petrol and oil, then start the machine, drive the dumper off the lower transport frame, and you can immediately begin work.


Feel free to contact us by email (

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