30W Folding Solar Panel


Charge Controller
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      30W Folding Solar Panel

      For safe charging that won't damage your battery!

      Perfect for electric fencing / camping / 4WD / battery charging / etc.


      WARNING: Some suppliers will sell solar panels without charge controllers. While these can be used to charge a battery you are at much higher risk of damaging or prematurely killing a lead acid battery. A 30W panel may put out much higher voltage than a lead acid battery is designed to accept. At the most, a lead acid battery should receive 14.5V while some 30W panels put out over 20V! The 30W panel included in this listing can be purchased with or without a charge controller. A charge controller will limit the charging voltage to safe levels, ensuring that your battery will not be damaged and will last much longer. Don't risk purchasing one without a charge controller!

      At a glance:

      Max. power output: 30 W (2 x 15 W)
      Charge controller: Yes
      Controller voltage: 12 V
      Max. charging voltage: 14.4 V
      Dimensions: 415 x 345 x 60 mm (folded)
      Warranty: 1 Year (see below for details)

      Product Includes:

        • 1 x 30W Solar panel with/without charge controller

      Product description:

      This 30W solar panel is comprised of two 15W panels, hinged so the unit can be conveniently folded up. It includes fold out legs so it can be stood on an angle off the ground. The panel can be purchased with a charge controller so it is safe for use in charging 12V lead acid batteries.

      Charge controller specifications:

      Working temperature: -20-60 °C
      Rated voltage: 12 V
      Rated charging current: 3 A
      Over voltage protection: 14.4 V

      Panel specifications:

      Peak power output: 30 W
      Power allowance range: ±5%
      Open circuit voltage: 21.6 V
      Max power voltage: 18 V
      Max power current: 1.66 A
      Number of cells 36
      Dimensions: 415x345x60 mm
      Weight: 4.2 kg


      With the advent of internet sales and distribution things have changed. We cut out the middle men so you can purchase directly from the supplier. Because of this we offer our products directly to the end user at amazingly low prices.


      1 year back-to-base replacement warranty against failure or faulty manufacture. Normal misuse/abuse exceptions apply.


      International buyers please note: Due to the many differing rules and regulations in different countries it is impossible for us to know and therefore allow for any local charges in the listed postage charge for delivery to your country. Therefore any "local" fees and charges in your country of destination are your responsibility.

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