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Commercial Grade 40km Electric Fence Energiser (12V)

  • $19595


Provides a real kick with over 9,500V pulse
Heavy-duty, robust, O-ring sealed!
Weatherproof, dust poof and insect proof.
Ultra reliable!

12V SYSTEM SUITABLE FOR BATTERY or SOLAR OPERATION. We suggest an automotive style 12V battery and 10W solar panel if using the energizer as an off-grid solar system.

At a glance:

Max. fence length: 40 km
Max. output: 4.0 joules
Output voltage: 9,500 V
Power consumption: ULTRA Low 4.8W
Max Current  400mA
Warranty: 2 Years (see below for details)

Product Includes:

  • 1 x Energytech 40 km Power Professional Electric Fence Energiser        
  • 1 x Line and earth connection cables
  • 1 x Battery connection cable set for 12V battery operation
  • 1 x Installation setup guide & manual
*This is a 12V powered energiser that includes a 12V cable set to run directly from a 12V battery or any other appropriate 12V supply. 


  • 10W Solar panel with charge controller.
  • 30W Solar panel with charge controller. The 30W panel is fitted with its own "legs" should you want to just place it on the ground but due to the huge range of other possible installation configurations (roof/wall/fence post/etc.) no other mounting system is provided with the panel and a little DIY skill may be needed to fix a panel where desired.

NB: Does not include grounding rod, fence wire or fence-posts. Otherwise ready to go!

Product description:

The 40km Professional energiser is designed to provide powerful and reliable long term, hassle free use whilst minimising power consumption. Powerful pulse in excess of 9500V should keep in even the most determined stallion or bull!

This commercial grade energizer is suitable for single-strand, multi-strand or multi-fence set-ups for electric fences with wire lengths of up to 40km! This device is a quality product - double insulated - and has CE and C-Tick approvals and is IP24 rated.   


Suitable for applications including:

  • Cattle
  • Sheep
  • Goats
  • Horses
  • Dogs
  • Poultry
  • Opossums
  • Roo's
  • Forestry
  • Garden and plant protection

Features & Benefits:

  • Smart Technology for reduced power consumption when used with battery or solar option
  • Shielded ON/OFF switch
  • "O" Ring sealed case
  • Weather, dust, and insect proof design
  • Durable impact-resistant construction
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor (battery/solar) installation and operation
  • Can be powered by any suitable 12 V source
  • Two heavy-duty robust power out connections marked red (positive) and black (negative) for quick and easy hook-up
  • Heavy-duty fence/earth connection cables and clamps included
  • Heavy-duty battery connection cables and clamps included for use as temporary standalone unit on battery power (battery not included)

Technical specifications:

Max. fence length: 40 km
Input voltage: 12 V DC 
Output voltage: 9,500 V
Stored energy: 5.7 joules
Max output energy: 5.0 joules
Consumption: 4.8 W
Dimensions: 210x153x68mm mm
Weight: 2.5 kg


Historically this product would retail for around $450. With the advent of internet sales and distribution things have changed. We cut out the middle men so you can purchase directly from the supplier. Because of this we offer our products directly to the end user at amazingly low prices.


2 year back-to-base replacement warranty against failure or faulty manufacture. Normal misuse/abuse exceptions apply. We carry spare parts IN STOCK.


International buyers please note: Due to the many differing rules and regulations in different countries it is impossible for us to know and therefore allow for any local charges in the listed postage charge for delivery to your country. Therefore any "local" fees and charges in your country of destination are your responsibility.

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